Tap into your body's wisdom and heal with your breath. 

Mend chronic pain, traumas, and outdated stories that hold you back.


What are Breath Journeys all about? 

The issues are in our tissues! 

Most of us learned to suppress our emotions out of a survival mechanism. This suppression creates a compression that has a physical impact on the body.  

Too much of this leads to imbalance or dis-ease.

We cannot heal from a dysregulated state. So with the help of our breath, we loosen up stored energy, allow it to move freely, and bring ourselves back into balance where healing can take place. 

A Breath Journey is a guided exploratory experience with your breath. This practice helps you build a stronger connection with your body, emotions, and belief patterns. Through movement, sound, and specific breathing patterns, we can access profound altered states of consciousness for insights, wisdom, and healing. 

When you connect with your breath, your world changes. You stop living at the mercy of your circumstances and become attuned to your greatest life force.


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Hi, I'm Lauren

I facilitate breathwork and ice bath journeys to help people access their own inner wisdom and power. When we learn to connect with our breath, we access one of the greatest remedies for bringing ourselves back into balance and alignment. 

Ready to breathe?

One on One  

Deep, personalized focus on your unique intention. 

Make space for just you. Together we will get to the root cause of what is keeping you stuck and build tailored practices that support a sustainable transformation. 

These sessions are often best for people who want more continuity between sessions and want massive results. 

In ten sessions you'll have a knowledgeable and intuitive understanding of your respiratory system and how to ally with your breath to reach your specific goals and vision. 


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More clarity. Less anxiety. Confidence > stress.  

60-Minute Guided Breath Journey

Turn anxiety and tense emotions into a source of power and confidence with this guided breathing practice. Flow through breathing patterns curated to stimulate your physiology and release emotional charge for greater clarity and connection to your inner power.  

Virtual Group Session


Get Clarity

Reduce tension. Circulate energy. Supercharge your vitality. 

60-Minute Guided Breath Journey (Advanced)

Turn stagnant energy into fuel and flow with this advanced guided breathing practice. This session explores different styles of breath retention to visit the edge of your own physiological and psychological capacity for greater awareness, fire in your belly, and more energy!

Virtual Group Session


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Wind down. Sleep deeply. Restore creativity.  

75-Minute Guided Breath Journey

Wind down with this nighttime breath journey. You'll be guided through a breathing sequence designed to down-shift your nervous system into profound relaxation for insight, creativity, and deep healing sleep.

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Breathe for Zzz's

Breath Bundles

Breath Bundles are designed to offer flexibility. Now you can bundle, save, and register anytime.

3 Classes


Virtual Group Breath Journey


5 Classes


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Virtual Group Breath Journey


10 Classes


Virtual Group Breath Journey


Live Workshops 

Breathe & Connect 

Bringing people together is an art form. Workshops, retreats, and corporate events can be customized depending on your group's size and goals. Workshops may include a combination of breathwork, authentic relating, movement, and/or ice baths.  Tell me about your event and we'll get in touch about the details. 

In-person and Online 


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Embrace discomfort. Cultivate inner stillness.

Custom Cold Plunge Protocol 
+ FREE BONUS: A private cold plunge facilitated virtually

Discover the health benefits of doing hard things. Redefine your relationship with life's stressors, and create a cold plunge practice that supports adaptive states of stress over chronic states of stress.

Cold Plunge Protocols for those who want to begin‚Äďor deepen‚Äďtheir cold exposure practice in a more embodied way and get the max benefits for¬†your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual goals.


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