Breathwork Terms and Conditions

  Breathwork is a powerful practice.

You honor yourself by using the techniques in a responsible way. Here's how:  

  1. Never do breathing exercises while driving, in water, or before training in water. Shallow-water blackouts can be fatal.
  2. Practice on a yoga mat, the ground, or your bed. Fainting is not uncommon and there could be injuries with a fall.
  3. By participating in the breathwork practice, you confirm that you are not pregnant and do not have epilepsy, a detached retina, glaucoma, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, or irregularities; prior diagnosis by a Medical Professional of manic disorder, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia; strokes, TIAs, seizures or other brain/neurological condition or disease. You understand that Lauren Watkins is not a physician, psychologist, or healthcare professional, and assume full responsibility for your own physical, emotional and mental health in this process. 
I accept.