Cold Plunge Protocol

If the 'just do it' method isn't doin' it for you, it's not your fault. 


Why a protocol? 

Frustrated by the lack of cold exposure studies done with women, and after a long quest to rebalance my hormones, I created a method for plungers that helps them build an embodied practice with cold therapy. 

There's more to cold plunges than 'just doin' the damn thing.' 

The cold is a potent stressor and when it comes to stress, there is a fine line between what builds or breaks. That limit looks different for all of us. 

Cold Plunge Protocol is a tailored guide to safely and consciously engage with this modality in a way that supports your hormones and wellness goals. 


Expert Guidance

Protocols are designed by a trained and certified breathwork and cold plunge facilitator, ensuring you get the best knowledge and techniques.

Personalized Approach

Every individual is unique and has different wellness goals. This protocol is tailored to meet you where you are and build a practice you can safely embody. 

Proven Results

These methods have been tried and tested, guaranteeing noticeable improvements in your sleep, mental resilience, physical health, and mood.



Cold Plunge Protocol Intake

The information you share will be used to create a cold plunge practice uniquely for your body and wellness vision. Your information is entirely confidential.