Breath for Clarity

Get grounded, experience less anxiety, and have more confidence in the face of life’s stressors. 

This session includes:

  • Keys to optimal breathing to harness the power of your emotions.
  • Practices that regulate your nervous system into cool, calm, and collected. 
  • A guided, powerful, Breath Journey based on a mix of cutting-edge science and ancient breathing wisdom that help you get unstuck
  • Integration circle to hold, honor, or celebrate anything that came up during your experience. 

Live on Zoom 

What People Are Saying:

In the end, I felt more life running through me.


I felt really congested before this breathing practice and 15 minutes later, my nose started draining! I also felt movement in my side that shifted into place all by gentle, intentional breathing. Calming and centering practice. It feels like more of me is online.


$22.00 USD