Ice Journey Workshop

What's in this experience:

  1. Tools to ally with your breath, work with resistance, and enhance your relationship with the cold.
  2. Discover your addiction patterns and how cold immersion helps repattern behavior.
  3. Learn how to guide yourself safely before, during, and after your ice bath or cold shower.
  4. How to apply cold therapy as a practice that works WITH your hormonal cycles instead of against them.

What to have for the session:

  • pen and journal
  • a bucket of ice water (large enough for your hands or feet)
  • towel 

FREE BONUS: A private Ice Journey facilitated by me virtually :)

This is a 60-minute online group workshop. Your purchase includes a 15-minute 1:1 video call to be supported through your ice bath or cold shower that can be scheduled after the workshop is completed. 

What People Are Saying:

Lauren guided me through my first cold plunge experience. She was knowledgeable and encouraging as she showed me how to breathe through the discomfort. She got me to stay in much longer than I would have on my own and at 50 degrees! (which was a lot colder than I imagined I could do). It became easy in the end and now I use her breathing practices daily in my cold plunges at home. I feel healthier, have more energy, and I've even lost a few pounds!


$33.00 USD